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Cheesy Green Dinosaur


This huge and very green landmark has been in my hometown since I was a child. We used to take weekend drives up to it when I was a little girl and hiked up there as teenagers. I have taken my kids there since they were small and they remember those picnic lunches under the dinosaur with the best view of the town rather fondly, as do I.
It is the first thing you see whenever you drive into town from nearly every direction since it stands on a huge hill that divides the town down the middle. Kids just love it…especially when they see it for the first time and their imaginations go wild and they just hope and pray that it is real! As ugly as it is I have grown quite fond of it over the years and would miss it if it were gone. How many towns can say that their main landmark is a giant Brontosaurus? So, cheesy it is, but cool, nonetheless! My goal was to find an angle to make it look…well..less cheesy….
Regardless, if you ever get so lucky to see it with your own eyes… you’ll be trying to climb up that tail in no time! Promise.

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