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Are You Tough Enough?


Cowboy ridin’ the bull at Days of ‘76 in Deadwood, SD. This event is pretty amazing. These bulls are so strong and so magnificent (well, except for the snot flying out of their nose). More often than not, after they dump the cowboy, they turn back and go after them with their horns and the cowboy is left scrambling for his life. This is where the rodeo clown comes in. His job is to try to distract the bull long enough for the cowboy to get to safety.
These cowboys are tougher than the rest of us and definitely a little more crazy. They are without doubt the toughest athletes in the world – all of them have at least a few broken bones. If you doubt me – imagine getting on a 2000 lb tornado of muscle and rage and see how you fare! An often quoted saying about bull riding is “it’s not if you get hurt, it’s when.”
It looks brutal, but rest assured, these animals are treated very well and with respect. The most legendary bulls are probably worth their weight in gold. They have a fairly easy life and only work a couple minutes during each rodeo. The cowboy only has to stay on for 8 seconds, but it is an excruciatingly long 8 seconds. Oh, and they all have the coolest names…..Bull Durham, Kryptonite, Pandora’s Box, Terminator, Smashmouth, I Roc. If you ever get the chance to watch this event you will no doubt be amazed!

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